TaraTari Chittagong Follow Up 2

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Chittagong New Shipyard Follow Up 1

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TaraTari has moved to Chittagong.

This is the start of a new phase in our accompaniment of Bangladesh evolution to Fibre Glass technology.

New facilities for production

New projects

And Training Centre to develop the international standards in FRP construction

Follow up of installation in images…

Lifebuoy Friendship Hospital Finished

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Lifebuoy Friendship Hospital was finalised in February 2012!

1.5 year of refitting for her third life phase. The new Floating Hospital is now operational.

Awaiting the official ceremony LFH is operating outside of Dhaka in Savar District to provide medical care for the poor people in need for the 3 to 5 symbolic Takas (0.03 0.05 Euros).

Male and Female Medical Doctors, Paediatric Unit, Dentistry, Ophthalmology, Pathology, Ward (preparation room), Eye Operation Theatre, General Operation Theatre, Sterilization Unit, all are up and already running.

For the last 10 years LFH has seen nearly 1 million patient, along with the more recent Emirate Friendship Hospital.

This year, her new refit is completed to fulfil the next 15 years of operation in the north of the country, on the Brahmaputra river Chars Island

TaraTari Shipyard, Chittagong, Bangladesh

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TaraTari Shipyard is an innovative adventure starting with building  steel floating hospital, followed fibre glass fishing boats for the fishermen of south Bangladesh, also preservation of Bangladesh naval architecture heritage along with developing and transferring knowledge in the use of Fibre Glass for ship building to international quality standards.

TaraTari Consultancy is also implemented to provide advice, studies and follow up of projects involving floating solutions; based on 10 years+ experience such as Floating Hospitals, River Ambulances, River Fishing Boats, Sea Going day Fishing Boat and other products tailor made for the initiatives from International Organisations or people willing to act for the care of Bangladesh.

TaraTari R&D is always involved in domains of research such as natural fibre use, hydro energy generation, river management, cost effective steel solutions and  answers to many local problems linked to water.

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Christmas time at TaraTari

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Mandoris for Unicef

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UNICEF has ordered 7 Mandoris type boat to TaraTari for the duty of carrying safely children from isolated areas of Rangamati Lake to school (Rangamati Kaptail lake, South Bangladesh, Bundarbans / Chittagong area, Hill tracks).

Sister-ship of the Masdoris (Fishing Boat) but with vocation of Passenger Carriers, this Mandoris boat is another solution provided by TaraTari to ensure safety and longevity of such boat.

Allong with the boats, lifejackets and safety equipment are provided to Unicef following their requirements.

Unicef 01 boat was completed last week, number 02 and 03 are being completed at present, 04 is following shortly. Delivery of 4 boats should take place by December 2011 and the remaining 05 to 07 in the following January 2012.

B613 Traditional Malar Boat Repairs

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This year, the B613, proud double square sails Malar boat, last one of her kind and largest traditional boat in Bangladesh, was under repairs at TaraTari Shipyard.

Our traditional carpenters, along with specialist of this type of boat are renovating the bottom of the hull, changing the planks after 3 years service on the country rivers.

This renovation cannot be done in a modern shipyard on a slipway because of the hull shape and construction type, it would damage it if tried.

Here comes the old traditional way of turning 60 tons over, one side after the other, to access the bottom keel of the boat.

It is an amazing thing to see for sailors or others people appreciating wooden boats.

60 tons, 60 people, 30 pairs of bamboo supporting 30 winches made out of more bamboos and jute ropes.

1 team leader synchronizing the cadence of the 60 people (2 per winches) for lifting, and the boat captain with all the responsability on his shoulders.

Human power fully representative of the spirit of the country.

And it works perfectly…!

Following are a few pictures of this incredible moment.