Preservation of traditional wooden boats

Bangladesh is well-known for its rivers, but also for its fleet, one of the world most important.

Traditionally made of wood, other materials are now used to build boats, more resistant and easier to maintain. But consequently the traditional knowledge and techniques of more than 2000 years old are disappearing.

TaraTari is associated with the NGO Friendship and with the tourism company Contic to preserve this ancestral know-how. TaraTari carpenters are probably the last one able to share this traditional knowledge and they transfer it by building model boats, in the exact same way of full scale boats. These model boats are sold or exhibited by Friendship, whose aim is also to create a living museum of full scale traditional boats.

The tourism company Contic is also preserving charm and beauty of ancient Bengali boats, by offering cruises in wooden traditional boats, as the famous Malar B613 or the Flèche d’or. Regularly those boats are coming to the shipyard to be restored by our carpenters in the ancestral tradition.

Here are the carpenters at work on model boats for Friendship.

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