Yves Marre

After having sailed to Bangladesh with the River Barge which became the “Lifebuoy Friendship Hospital”, Yves has been living in Bangladesh for more than 15 years, fully committed to sailing and boat building.

In his ‘previous life’ Yves is known for his versatile field expertise, creativity, and achievements…

Yves was:

  • Primarily a pilot of all types of ultra lights flying crafts, Yves created the ‘Propulsar” lightest flying machine of its time and flew across the British Channel as a World premiere.
  • sailed ‘solo’ across the Atlantic Ocean on his personal sailing yacht
  • sailed as a world Première his river flat bottom barge across the Atlantic Ocean from Paris to Miami – sailed for the first time a river barge from France to Bangladesh
  • created the Friendship Association with his wife Runa Khan
  • overhauled the largest traditional boat of Bangladesh
  • launched with Runa, the project of a living museum of the traditional boats of Bangladesh
  • built two steel 17m catamarans
  • conceived and built the “Emirates Friendship Hospital
  • built the last “Patham” boat and “Shampan” of the country
  • built on the plans of Marc Van Peteghem the first catamaran river ambulances

conceived with Marc and built the ‘Masdoris’; first unsinkable fishing fiberglass fishing boat of Bangladesh.

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