Marc Van Peteghem

Since 2007, Marc has taken part in many of  Tara Tari Projects.

His experience in the Naval Architecture high performance designs along with his passion for such human orientated project have logically led to a strong friendship with Yves.

Marc is providing to TaraTari his Naval Architecture expertise starting with re-implementing the usage of sails in powering the fishing boats Masdoris through design modifications, providing the designs for the Ambulance Catamarans and many more inputs on details of several ongoing projects.

With his associate, Vincent Lauriot Prevost, they are considered as some of the world most famous naval architects. Their victories and world records speak for themselves:

  • Winner of the last ‘American Cup’ with BMW Oracle trimaran
  • Winner of the ‘Trophé Jules Vernes’ in 53 days (Race around the world) with Groupama trimaran
  • Winner of the record across the Atlantic Ocean, in 3 days & 15 hours with the Banque Populaire trimaran
  • Winner of the longest distance ever sailed in 24 hours; 904 NM (1674 Km)
  • Winner of …(see )

Marc is mostly known in the field of Mass production:

Being the designer of famous Lagoon, top sale of the World N°1 in Sailing boats: Beneteau

( )

Vincent and Marc


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