Tajul Islam Majumder

After having served a full career as navy officer at the helm of:

  • BNS: Shahayak, Pabna, Putuakali, Rangamati,
  • BNT: Rupsha, Shibsha, Sebak,
  • MFB: 55, 66, 77, 88
  • MV: Rainbow, Jackfruit,

He joined TaraTari shipyard after retiring and is bringing his knowledge of the sea/river conditions of the country, the climatic and weather conditions, the state of the fleets and crafts (fishermen – river transport etc…).

He is also enhancing TaraTari shipyard with technical sense and his abilities in management, both in human resources, material and equipments.

He is helping TaraTari shipyard in keeping up with the desired standards.

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