TaraTari mission

Bangladesh is the lowest country on earth and one of the first that will suffer the consequences of the climate change. Water rising due to melting of the Himalayas and regular monsoon seasons is leading to an urge in finding solution to cope with the situation. Water is already predominant on most of the country area, and this will only be going increasingly. Even if Bangladesh is the largest fleet in the world, it is very risky and makes the population even more vulnerable. There is therefore a need of finding adapted solutions for Bangladeshi people.

TaraTari Mission:  to build safe and sustainable boats combining traditional knowledge and technologies transfer to answer needs of people affected by hard climatic conditions in Bangladesh

To fulfill its mission, TaraTari has been developed in different aspects:

          Research and development to design any floating solutions (safe fishing or transport, hospitals, house boats…)

          Production and refitting of boats according to international standards

          Training and skills transfer (fiberglass technology for instance) to the shipyard workers and people using our boats

‘TaraTari’ means ‘fast’, ‘do it rapidly. We have to develop rapidly floating and sailing solutions to reduce disastrous consequences of climatic and geographical conditions on Bangladesh.

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