Little history

Till nowadays,  the boat builders would settle their shipyard either at the place the boat was ordered or at the place the materials and  labor were abundant.

TaraTari shipyard has been following their trend till now. It has being able to adjust to different places such as the Islands of the Brahmaputra, the bank of the main land in Nagarbary and the banks of the Bangshi river in Savar.

In spite of the apparent technical difficulties of such a concept, we have been able to built Ships from medium wooden sizes, to ‘3 deckers’ steel catamaran hospital of several hundred tones, passing by sophisticated composite ambulances designed by the best architects.

TaraTari shipyard is also developing polyester composite ship of several types.

Initially starting with Fishing Vessels for Bangladeshi  fisherman, but also Ambulance Catamarans and medical service boats.

The TaraTari Project aims for a transfer of technological knowledge in composite work to create a sustainable and profitable structure that can be further developed by local, qualified workers.

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