International Bangla Channel Marathon Swim 2012

17/03/2012 § Leave a comment

TaraTari Shipyard and A.K Khan Group have been providing support for the International Bangla Channel Marathon Swim 2012.

The crew was made of Thibault Saint Olive, Skipper (Engineer TaraTari), Mr KC Roy, Coordination and Logistics (Ex Navy officer and Foreman of TaraTari) and Miss Alexandra Sourbier, Support Logistic (Engineer TaraTari)

Our Sampan speedboat was the escort for Mr Milko Van Gool, international swimmer from Netherlands.

Milko, supporting the CIPRB, Center for Injury Prevention and Research Bangladesh, and was attempting a double crossing of the Bangla channel from Teknaf (South West Bangladesh) to St Martin Island (southern Island of Bangladesh).

Along with him, 2 other Bangladeshi swimmers, Mr Musa Ibrahim (Everest Mountaineer) and Mr Lipton (Swimmer) the team is aiming at creating an international event to promote swimming throughout Bangladesh.

The crossing distance of 16 km from Teknaf fishing jetty to St Martin ferry jetty was achieved in 3 hours and 50 minutes by Milko, 5 hours and 30 min for Lipton and 8 hours and 10 minutes for Musa.

Milko departed from St Martin 5 minutes after arrival to attempt the double crossing, but after 1.5 hours in the water, facing a strong tidal current, opposite wind and rough sea state, he decided to stop as the conditions were becoming too difficult.

It is however planned to be achieved in the next time with a better synchronization between the swim and tide schedule.

Well done to all of them as they managed the single crossing, never letting it go for Musa who took a few more hours to finish.

We will be looking forward to the next event probably year 2013 or winter 2012.

TaraTari will of course aim to provide logistic support on the water for the safety and guidance of the swimmers.

Many thanks are to be given to the 28 people, doctors, feeders, timers, boat crew and skippers that spent the day under a strong sun at slow but constant swim speed.


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