Lifebuoy Friendship Hospital Finished

31/01/2012 § Leave a comment

Lifebuoy Friendship Hospital was finalised in February 2012!

1.5 year of refitting for her third life phase. The new Floating Hospital is now operational.

Awaiting the official ceremony LFH is operating outside of Dhaka in Savar District to provide medical care for the poor people in need for the 3 to 5 symbolic Takas (0.03 0.05 Euros).

Male and Female Medical Doctors, Paediatric Unit, Dentistry, Ophthalmology, Pathology, Ward (preparation room), Eye Operation Theatre, General Operation Theatre, Sterilization Unit, all are up and already running.

For the last 10 years LFH has seen nearly 1 million patient, along with the more recent Emirate Friendship Hospital.

This year, her new refit is completed to fulfil the next 15 years of operation in the north of the country, on the Brahmaputra river Chars Island


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