B613 Traditional Malar Boat Repairs

06/12/2011 § Leave a comment

This year, the B613, proud double square sails Malar boat, last one of her kind and largest traditional boat in Bangladesh, was under repairs at TaraTari Shipyard.

Our traditional carpenters, along with specialist of this type of boat are renovating the bottom of the hull, changing the planks after 3 years service on the country rivers.

This renovation cannot be done in a modern shipyard on a slipway because of the hull shape and construction type, it would damage it if tried.

Here comes the old traditional way of turning 60 tons over, one side after the other, to access the bottom keel of the boat.

It is an amazing thing to see for sailors or others people appreciating wooden boats.

60 tons, 60 people, 30 pairs of bamboo supporting 30 winches made out of more bamboos and jute ropes.

1 team leader synchronizing the cadence of the 60 people (2 per winches) for lifting, and the boat captain with all the responsability on his shoulders.

Human power fully representative of the spirit of the country.

And it works perfectly…!

Following are a few pictures of this incredible moment.


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