FAO Fibre Glass Fishing Boat – Fishermen Training

09/08/2011 § Leave a comment

The last 10 boats for the FAO and Bangladesh Department of Fisheries have been delivered at TaraTari.

Preceding the delivering ceremony was a 2 days training course for the fishermen. These two days consisted of formal courses on handling, maintaining the boats, but also briefing on the safety equipment such as navigation light, distress signalization mirror, radar reflectors, hand-flares, lifejackets… etc.

Practical training is also provided by the shipyard staff in order to optimise the usage of this new type of boat, with regards to running efficiency with the combination of diesel engine and sail or sail only. At present, only very few fishermen are use to sailing, this knowledge started disapearing with introduction of engine in Bangladesh in the last decade. What was once the largest sailing fleet of the world is now struggling in sailing comprehension and application. TaraTari is not only rehabilitating the sail usage within all of its boats, but also spending the time required to ensure optimum sailing competency.

FAO and TaraTari are providing a composite fishing boat for the fishermen of Bangladesh. This boat is built to international standards of quality, un-sinkable class, and provided with a SOLAS equivalent safety equipment accordingly with its classification and type of operation.

The training went well again and fishermen are very happy to be the leading users of such development project.

To be followed…


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