FAO & European Funds GRP Fishing Boats delivering ceremony

23/01/2011 § Leave a comment

On 22/01/2011, the first 10 boats ordered by the FAO for the fishermen of south Bangladesh were delivered by TaraTari shipyard.

These boats are the first Fibre Glass built Fishing Vessels made in Bangladesh.

It is a new chapter in the naval evolution of Bangladesh; that until now was using mostly wooden fragile traditional boats for coastal or river fishing. The life of the fishermen is no longer at risk now with the example of a boat that will remain afloat even in the most damaged conditions.

Storms, cyclones, and general poor weather conditions in Bangladesh waters has regularly led to many life losses in the past. After the Cyder cyclone in 2007, Mr Yves Marre (TaraTari Managing Director) had promised to the fishermen of the south to work on a solution. After a few years of prototype developments, and with the help of Mr Marc Van Peteghem (VPLP Paris) the first semi-series production of this unsinkable fishing boat has been achieved. This pilot project will surely be continued and improved in the near future, adapting even more this Masdoris type boat to all the different kind of fishing practice in the many areas of Bangladesh.

TaraTari shipyard is very grateful to the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation) and European Union funds for the trust they have put in the expertise and production quality of the yard.

Another significant milestone in the evolution of Bangladesh naval architecture is that TaraTari Shipyard is the very first organisation bringing International Standards in fibre composite shipbuilding in the country. With training courses, and keeping the standards to state of the art level, we hope to influence and contribute to the logic technology evolution of boat building in Bangladesh.

Safety, efficiency along with social care, these are the key words describing the state  of mind of the actors of TaraTari project(s). ‘Masdoris’ in Bangla can be translated to “Go catch fish!”. A name that the fishermen will understand to be well chosen as this new type of boat will certainly help in rising up their life standard with a much more efficient working tool.

Following are the pictures of this touching day, an excitingly awaited delivery.

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Masdoris type GRP Fishing Boat overview:

  • Length Overall = 9m     (30 feet)
  • Beam = 2m     (6,5 feet)
  • Light weight  = 565 Kg
  • Gross tonnage = 1.5 tons
  • Diesel Chinese engine = 16hp
  • Consumption = 3 – 4 l/h
  • Cruising Speed = 8 Knots

Fitted Equipement:

  • 2 fibre glass benches
  • 1 engine bench cover
  • Floor deck covered with checker fibre glass (anti-slippery)
  • Stern gland packing
  • 2 Stainless steel mooring hooks (1 forward + 1 aft)
  • 4 Bollards
  • Automatic bilge system with non return valve + manual valve

Removable equipments:

  • Synthetic sail – orange colour – 18 m²
  • Bamboo mast
  • Synthetic rigging
  • Anchor grapnel type – 8 kg
  • Anchor grapnel type – 5 kg
  • Engine tools
  • Removable Batteries
  • Navigation lights + Anchor light
  • Solar Panel Battery Charger System
  • Paddles
  • Hand compass
  • Fuel jerry can – 2pcs – 12 ltrs
  • Fuel jerry can -1pc- 25 ltrs
  • Torch

Safety Equipments:

  • 2 Lifebuoys
  • 5 Life jackets
  • Radar reflector
  • Capsize rope rings
  • Mirror
  • Radio receiver
  • Whistle (fog horn)
  • Fire extinguisher
  • First aid box

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