Fishing boat Masdoris unsinkability trials

12/09/2010 § Leave a comment

Test was done to re-verify our unsinkable fishing boat designed by VPLP and TaraTari.

Throughout the different phase of the test, the following pictures illustrate first the boat loaded with equivalent crew weight (4 people) + engine and mechanical weight, then added up 350kg of weight, and finally filled up with water to the lowest deck edge point.

The validation of the test consisted, after fully loaded and filled of water, in adding a 15kg weight on one side and checking its stability.

In our case, 15kg was far too light.

Summary was; all mechanical weight + 350 kg additional weight + filled up of water + 4 people (2 in the middle aft and 2 starboard side at midship). With approximately 140kg on one side, we started to feel the boat willing to roll over…

This test was a complete success, far better than the minimum required international standards.

This boat has been confirmed as a very safe option for fishermen at sea in the water of south Bangladesh…

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