TaraTari Shipyard, Chittagong, Bangladesh

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TaraTari Shipyard is an innovative adventure starting with building  steel floating hospital, followed fibre glass fishing boats for the fishermen of south Bangladesh, also preservation of Bangladesh naval architecture heritage along with developing and transferring knowledge in the use of Fibre Glass for ship building to international quality standards.

TaraTari Consultancy is also implemented to provide advice, studies and follow up of projects involving floating solutions; based on 10 years+ experience such as Floating Hospitals, River Ambulances, River Fishing Boats, Sea Going day Fishing Boat and other products tailor made for the initiatives from International Organisations or people willing to act for the care of Bangladesh.

TaraTari R&D is always involved in domains of research such as natural fibre use, hydro energy generation, river management, cost effective steel solutions and  answers to many local problems linked to water.

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FAO Contract : Delivery of the first batch!

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TaraTari Shipyard delivered the first batch of 12 fishing boats for FAO at Sharankhola in the south of Bangladesh, next to Sundarbans.

Boats left Chittagong by truck and went by sea 6 by 6 from Chandpur to Sharankhola.

Then, we prepared the boats with all maintenance tools and safety items.

The inauguration ceremony has been presented by the Minister of Fisheries and Livestock of Bangladesh.

Fishermen, very glad of these new boats, followed a training to know how to use it as well as a training about safety at sea. After that, they went back to their villages.

As soon as they arrived at home, they shared their happiness with families and friends. Stability and capacity of the boat has been well appreciated by all!

FAO contract : 35 Masdoris fishing boat – First batch ready!

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TaraTari Shipyard applied for FAO tender of fishing boats and had the contract : 35 Masdoris for mid-October.

The delivery will be done in 3 batches of 12, 12 and 11 boats. The first 12 boats will be used in Shoronkola and the Minister of fisheries and Livestock will be there for the hand-over ceremony.

From the end of May, we produced the 12 first boats, going on with the development of the shipyard installations and of the training centre. This contract includes a training in fibre composite, which is a good opportunity to start our official training centre!

Here are a few pictures of the evolution of the production :

Thank You Bangladesh!!!

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Two Years have gone now since I arrived in Bangladesh for our once little TaraTari Shipyard.

Strange feeling to look back and see all what was achieved before, and since I arrived here. This simple blog was dedicated to the follow-up of activities at TaraTari, the achievements but also the hard phases and great time.

TaraTari Shipyard, with minimum means of funds or manpower and often struggle to go ahead but despite all of that has managed so many great things over the last 10 years+

Was created out of nearly nothing:

Traditional Boats (newly built or refit) B613 (largest sailing traditional Mallar wooden boat of the country), Fleche d’Or (Panchi Boat), Patam, Big Shampan (largest and last remaining big brother of the Shampan’s familly), Small Shampan, Baich (racing traditional boat), Dinghies, and many hundreds of model boats for Bangladesh Traditional Fleet heritage preservation. Those boats are probably some of the most beautiful ship in the world and thanks to Yves and Runna, the fleet will live on. I am very lucky and grateful for having assisted in the making or refitting of those, working with the beautiful people that are the Traditional Carpenters of Bangladesh, part of the TaraTari’s Family from the beginning.

Medical Service Boats (newly built or refitted) the Emirate Friendship Hospital (EFH), Friendship Medical Houseboat, Friendship Ambulances Catamaran (2) have emerged fully on this Shipyard. Hundreds and thousands of hours of work in order to provide Bangladesh with Floating Medical Solutions for isolated areas and the poorest of those regions. Full initiative of Yves accompanied by Runna and Yves closest friends, calculations on small pocket calculators for EFH, this beautiful fleet has now been serving the people of Bangladesh for more than 10 years. Not for getting the essential piece of this history, the Lifebuoy Friendship Hospital (LFH).

LFH is the origin of the medical fleet, sailed across the world to be given to and for Bangladeshi people, River Barge from France she will have been refitted 3 time since arrival in the bay of Bengal and served countless number of people here. I have been lucky enough to be involved with her last refit, dry-dock for 4 month, that involved hours through traffic to checking at nearly all new welding of the new structure on her hull. Then cruised to Savar at TaraTari for superstructure renovation. About 20 tons of steel plates taken out and replaced with about the same amount but optimised materials, allowing us to increase by 20% the medical facility area and addition of a new third deck giving her a great new look. She is now back to sailing the rivers of Bangladesh soon back in the north to fulfil her medical task. 1 and 1/2 year of project that kept us busy, amazing example of team work and efficiency in design optimisation with the experience of Yves. Thank you for including me into it, it has been a unique experience on a technical and human side.

Fibre Composite Floating Solutions for Bangladesh. lets summarise the creations of TaraTari in that domain:

Built at TaraTari Savar until 2012 (46 units):

  • 2 Ambulances Catamaran 12m  for Friendship
  • 1 Passenger Carrier Catamaran (Same type as Ambulance but different arrangements)
  • 3 Passenger Carrier Boats ManDoris (Medical Staff Transportation for Friendship Crucell)
  • 10 Fishing Boats MasDoris for FAO
  • 6 Fishing Boats MasDoris for Friendship
  • 15 Fishing Boats MasDoris for FAO
  • 7 Children safe Carrier Boats ManDoris for UNICEF
  • 2 Shampan (displacement type)
  • 1 Prototype Shampan Speed Boat

Now Ongoing at Chittagong (35 units+):

  • 35 Fishing Boats MasDoris for FAO
  • Line of production for Shampan Speed Boat
  • 4 Shampan Speedboat
  • Line of production for Shampan  of 11m
  • 2 Shampan 11m
  • Line of production for Small Fishing Boat
  • 2 to 10 Small Fishing Boat (20ft)
  • … and more

There is not much more to add I feel it is talking for itself.

What was once a small empty field where Emirate Friendship Hospital would be created has now become one if not the largest Fibre Composite Shipyard in Bangladesh with a greatly skilled Marine Consultancy in concept and realisation of any type of boats.

Every challenge of every phase and every struggle overcame have contributed to bring TaraTari to what it is now.

Lets not forget the people of TaraTari, those people of Bangladesh. Nowhere I have seen such teamwork, commitment, dedication, respect, force and motivation during intensive phases of work. Here with the right number of people, everything is possible. It took us 60 people, 30 pairs of bamboo and jute ropes to lift aside the 60 tons of the B613 in about 15 minutes.

Bangladeshi power is its people. They achieved, accompanied by Yves so many wonderful things at TaraTari.

Having been part of it for two years was amazing and will simply be unforgettable.

There would be so many things to say, but I will stop there.

Thanks to WatEver France for sending me on the project TaraTari

Thanks to TaraTari Shipyard for welcoming me here

Thanks to the people of TaraTari, every one of them – Carpenters: Boddu, Bojon, Cartic, Bodiar, Nitail, Vanesa – Fibre: Boshir, Saidor, Joachim, Mhedi, Milon, Mazhar, Barek, Tchibo, Bashu, Manic, Russel, and the new helpers that I cannot remember their names yet – Fitter Mechanics: Shaddat, Humayun, Alumgir – The boatmen: Mujhid, Halim, Fozlu and rest of the crew – The Management: Mr Majumder, KC Roy, Mr Mukles, Shiaoli, Fozlu, and ex management that did not stay with us – and everybody else that I forgot just now.

Thanks to Alex who is taking over the accompaniment of TaraTari for the next phases

Of Course and once again thanks to Yves for welcoming me here and helping discover this entirely new world that is Bangladesh

Thank  you all and thank you Bangladesh.

I will come back soon, Inch’Halla

First Infusion at TaraTari

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TaraTari Chittagong Follow up

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International Bangla Channel Marathon Swim 2012

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TaraTari Shipyard and A.K Khan Group have been providing support for the International Bangla Channel Marathon Swim 2012.

The crew was made of Thibault Saint Olive, Skipper (Engineer TaraTari), Mr KC Roy, Coordination and Logistics (Ex Navy officer and Foreman of TaraTari) and Miss Alexandra Sourbier, Support Logistic (Engineer TaraTari)

Our Sampan speedboat was the escort for Mr Milko Van Gool, international swimmer from Netherlands.

Milko, supporting the CIPRB, Center for Injury Prevention and Research Bangladesh, and was attempting a double crossing of the Bangla channel from Teknaf (South West Bangladesh) to St Martin Island (southern Island of Bangladesh).

Along with him, 2 other Bangladeshi swimmers, Mr Musa Ibrahim (Everest Mountaineer) and Mr Lipton (Swimmer) the team is aiming at creating an international event to promote swimming throughout Bangladesh.

The crossing distance of 16 km from Teknaf fishing jetty to St Martin ferry jetty was achieved in 3 hours and 50 minutes by Milko, 5 hours and 30 min for Lipton and 8 hours and 10 minutes for Musa.

Milko departed from St Martin 5 minutes after arrival to attempt the double crossing, but after 1.5 hours in the water, facing a strong tidal current, opposite wind and rough sea state, he decided to stop as the conditions were becoming too difficult.

It is however planned to be achieved in the next time with a better synchronization between the swim and tide schedule.

Well done to all of them as they managed the single crossing, never letting it go for Musa who took a few more hours to finish.

We will be looking forward to the next event probably year 2013 or winter 2012.

TaraTari will of course aim to provide logistic support on the water for the safety and guidance of the swimmers.

Many thanks are to be given to the 28 people, doctors, feeders, timers, boat crew and skippers that spent the day under a strong sun at slow but constant swim speed.

TaraTari Chittagong Activity Start

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The 3rd line of production is being setup with new molds.

After completion TaraTari will be able to produce 9 to 12 fishing boat per month.